Turkish, Kurdish forces accuse each other of violating cease-fire
Bongino slams former professor Elizabeth Warren over medicare-for-all
Trump answers question about acting chief of staff’s 'quid pro quo' comment | ABC News
Argentina’s Macri rallies 'angry’ voters
UK parliament approves proposal aimed at preventing no-deal Brexit
Qantas tests 19-hour New York-Sydney route
Former Army nurse, 84, proves she is still battlefield tough | ABC News
The Death of a Playmate l 20/20 l PART 2
French wine, Scottish whisky among main targets of US tariffs
Chile protests: State of emergency declared in Santiago
Blasts in Afghanistan mosque kill scores of worshippers
Empire State Building unveils new 102nd-floor observatory
Hero coach confronts student with a gun | ABC News
Backlash over Mexico's botched attempt to arrest 'El Chapo's' son
Bolivia election: Tight race for incumbent Morales
Clinton suggests Russians are 'grooming' 2020 candidate
Coming up on ‘Fox News Sunday:’ October 20
China silences critics by denying access to its economy | Counting the Cost
Surveillance video linked to kidnapping of Alabama 3-year-old
Rand Paul: Socialism breeds 'thuggery'
The Death of a Playmate l 20/20 l PART 5
FAA demands answer from Boeing after it waited months to disclose internal message | ABC News
Smerconish: If I'm Trump and I'm watching this, I like what I see
AOC endorses Bernie Sanders for president
Lawmakers prepare to vote on Brexit | ABC News
Ministers resign after third day of protests in Lebanon
Kurdish forces claim some still fighting despite ceasefire
GOP Rep. Francis Rooney to retire amid Trump's impeachment inquiry
Hundreds of thousands descend on London streets to protest Brexit
UK MPs back Brexit extension amendment
Stein says Clinton promoting 'unhinged conspiracy theory'
The Death of a Playmate l 20/20 l PART 3
Lebanon's protests gain momentum on third day
Sleep expert explains why teens need later school times
The Death of a Playmate l 20/20 l PART 4
Lara Trump: Doesn't matter who Trump will debate, they're all terrible
British Parliament votes to postpone Brexit deal
Turkey, Syria and the war that just gets tougher to report | The Listening Post (Full)
Expert debunks myths about Trump whistleblowers
Is the Trump 'resistance' damaging American institutions?
Tulsi Gabbard fires back at Hillary Clinton's Russian asset claim
Erdogan warns Kurds as Syria ceasefire gets off to rocky start
From Dairy Queen to Playboy, Dorothy Stratten’s rise to fame: Block 1
Pakistan's deadly river: Swat volunteer calls for gov't action
More than 3,000 Syrian refugees arrive in northern Iraq
Deadly battle erupts as police try to detain ‘El Chapo’s’ son
Red Cross's Peter Maurer: Geneva Conventions are being violated | Talk to Al Jazeera
Motown to Growtown: Detroit's Urban Farming Revolution | REWIND
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What is the solution to Lebanon's economic and political crisis? | Inside Story
SE Cupp: Don't be surprised if this is what undoes Trump
State Dept. finds nearly 600 violations in Clinton's email scandal
Bolivia election: Will Evo Morales win a controversial 4th term?
Brexit heartland: Hull wants to take back control
Niger oil exploration plan threatens West Africa's major reserve
War-torn South Sudan struggles to rebuild
Duo makes history with first all-women spacewalk
Huckabee digs into US companies siding with China, reacts to the NBA
Lebanon's Nasrallah backs government amid raging protests
UK PM 'undaunted' by MPs' backing for Brexit extension
Brexit showdown: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clash at 'Super Saturday' parliament session
The mysterious view Kim Jong Un doesn't want you to see
Amid protests, Lebanon's Hariri sets deadline to resolve crisis
'Brave' new world as Japanese rugby blossoms
Republican Congressman says he's retiring after waivering on impeachment
Erin Burnett calls out Mulvaney's quid pro quo clarification

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